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You told me that before. I didn't agree with that. I think it's disgusting. I'll return at half past six. Ellen had to start over again. What exactly are we trying to find? Don't interrupt me! Can't you see I am talking?

No plant can grow in this climate. What do you see out there? Charles has probably never eaten dog meat. The official could not deal with the complaint himself. How far away are we?

I want to drink coffee.

That's absolutely correct. I think this is perfect. Shouldn't we try and help Gigi? She employed herself in washing the dishes. Hard work injured his health.

Knut looked very tired. I've never heard anyone swear like Hirotoshi.

When are you going back to your own country? These cough lozenges taste bitter but they will do you much good. I was miffed at her attitude. Please write to me once in a while. You seem as one about to reveal something new. Angela wanted to know how Amy had become so rich. I have just finished eating. Don't go without a hat. Do you want to come along?

The export of weapons was prohibited. Pierce wanted to kiss Klaus, but he didn't.

I arrived just in time for the plane. Where is your school? They believe you.

I like to do a few exercises to loosen up before I run. How was Franklin's party? I may not know a lot, but I do know that Tor doesn't know what he's talking about. Root has been to Boston before. It just happened so fast. We really get on and often go to each other's place. At last, they experienced the joy of victory. Which one is broken? Kazuhiro buttoned up his coat.

Who are you with?

Lorien knows what Chet is doing. Donn guessed that List was around thirty years old. Bring me a cup of coffee, please. Yesterday is when I bought a car. Has the jury reached a verdict? He picked up a hat and put it on to see how it would look. They're all feeling pretty good. We don't have any eggs left either. Emmett figured that Vidhyanath would like to know the news.

Why don't you like her? Cross the street. The new car is hers. I know how it is written. I'm talking to myself. The operation had to be kept secret. To give names to celestial objects, astronomers use Latin.

He came into the room with his eyes shining. I can't talk about it right now. Please come to my office in the afternoon. He works in a jar. Give me the pen. They live on Third Avenue. He's no judge of music.

What do you think I'll do then? Having no will is the worst handicap. He was visibly nervous. In your view, can we judge other people's religion or not? Did Guido give you any other instructions? I think they saw you.

I'm the humblest person on this planet. Saad is ready now. I hated myself for doing that.